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ESX Server admin commands

Here’s an overview of some commands available in the ESX Server-Framework:

  • Use the “/setcoords” command to teleport to specific coordinates.
  • Grant a job to a player with the “/setjob” command.
  • Spawn a vehicle using the “/car” command.
  • Remove a vehicle with either “/cardel” or “/dv” command.
  • Modify the money amount of a player with the “/setaccountmoney” command.
  • Give a certain amount of money to a player using the “/giveaccountmoney” command.
  • Teleport a player to your location with the “/bring” command.
  • Teleport yourself to a player with the “/goto” command.
  • Provide an item to a player using the “/giveitem” command.
  • Modify weapon components with the “/giveweaponcomponent” command.
  • Clear the chat for yourself with the “/clear” command.
  • Clear the chat for all players using the “/clearall” command.
  • Check a player’s inventory by using the “/showinventory” command.
  • Clear the inventory for a player with the “/clearinventory” command.
  • Delete a player’s weapons with the “/clearloadout” command.
  • Set a specific group for a player using the “/setgroup” command.
  • Access the skin menu with the “/skin” command.
  • Teleport to the map waypoint with the “/tpm” command.



The ESX Server-Framework offers a range of powerful commands that enhance the administration and management of servers. These commands provide administrators with efficient tools to handle various tasks, ensuring smooth server operations and player experiences.

With the “/setcoords” command, administrators can teleport to specific coordinates on the map, facilitating quick navigation and exploration. Granting jobs to players becomes seamless with the “/setjob” command, enabling administrators to assign roles and promote immersive gameplay.

The “/car” command allows administrators to spawn vehicles, adding a dynamic element to the server. Conversely, vehicles can be removed using either the “/cardel” or “/dv” command, ensuring efficient vehicle management.

Managing player finances is made easy with the “/setaccountmoney” and “/giveaccountmoney” commands, allowing administrators to modify and provide money to players as needed.

The “/bring” command enables teleporting a player to the administrator’s location, facilitating efficient handling of player-related matters. Similarly, the “/goto” command allows administrators to teleport themselves to a specific player, ensuring swift and convenient access to any situation.

By utilizing the “/giveitem” command, administrators can provide items to players, enhancing their gameplay experience. Weapon components can be modified using the “/giveweaponcomponent” command, offering flexibility and customization.

Commands such as “/clear” and “/clearall” enable administrators to manage the chat, providing a clean and organized communication environment. Checking a player’s inventory becomes effortless with the “/showinventory” command, while the “/clearinventory” command allows administrators to clear a player’s inventory when necessary.

The “/clearloadout” command removes a player’s weapons, ensuring balanced gameplay and compliance with server rules. Administrators can set specific groups for players using the “/setgroup” command, streamlining role assignments and permissions.

Accessing the skin menu is made simple with the “/skin” command, allowing players to customize their appearances. Lastly, the “/tpm” command facilitates teleportation to the map waypoint, enhancing navigation and exploration across the server.

Overall, the commands available in the ESX Server-Framework provide administrators with a comprehensive toolkit to efficiently manage and customize their servers. These commands streamline administrative tasks, promote a balanced gameplay experience, and contribute to a thriving server environment.

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