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QBCore Server admin commands

Here’s an overview of the admin commands available in QBCore Server:

  • Use “/tp” to teleport to a player or specific coordinates.
  • Teleport to a marker on the map using “/tpm”.
  • Toggle PvP mode on or off for the entire server with “/togglepvp”.
  • Grant permissions to a player using “/addpermission”.
  • Remove permissions from a player with “/removepermission”.
  • Open the server for everyone by using “/openserver”.
  • Close the server for everyone using “/closeserver”.
  • Spawn a vehicle with “/car”.
  • Delete a vehicle using “/dv”.
  • Give money to a player with “/givemoney”.
  • Set the money amount for a player using “/setmoney”.
  • Set a player’s job with “/setjob”.
  • Assign a player to a specific gang using “/setgang”.
  • Clear a player’s entire inventory with “/clearinv”.
  • Upgrade a vehicle to its maximum modifications using “/maxmods”.
  • View all players on the map with “/blips”.
  • See the names of all players with “/names”.
  • Check the coordinates of a location using “/coords”.
  • Activate noclip mode to fly around the map with “/noclip”.
  • Save a spawned car to your garage with “/admincar”.
  • Make an announcement on the server’s chat using “/announce”.
  • Access the admin menu with “/admin”.
  • Use “/staffchat” to chat with other admins.
  • Set focus for a menu with “/givenuifocus”.
  • Warn a player with “/warn” before taking further action.
  • Check if a player has any warnings with “/checkwarns”.
  • Remove a warning from a player with “/delwarn”.
  • Respond to a player’s report with “/reportr”.
  • Change your character’s ped model with “/setmodel”.
  • Set your running speed with “/setspeed”.
  • Kick all players from the server with “/kickall”.
  • Kick a specific player using “/kick”.
  • Ban a player from the server with “/ban”.
  • Set the amount of ammo for a weapon using “/setammo”.
  • Copy a vector2 coordinate with “/vector2”.
  • Copy a vector3 coordinate with “/vector3”.
  • Copy a vector4 coordinate with “/vector4”.
  • Copy the heading coordinates using “/heading”.


QBCore server commands offer a comprehensive and versatile set of tools that empower administrators to efficiently manage and control their servers. These commands provide a seamless and user-friendly way to execute various administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced server functionality.

With commands like “/tp” and “/tpm”, administrators can effortlessly teleport to players or specific coordinates, enabling quick and convenient navigation across the server. The “/togglepvp” command allows for easy toggling of PvP mode, offering flexibility in shaping the server’s gameplay experience.

Granting and revoking permissions is a breeze with “/addpermission” and “/removepermission”, allowing administrators to fine-tune player access and privileges. The “/openserver” and “/closeserver” commands provide seamless control over server accessibility, granting or restricting entry as needed.

QBCore server commands also offer a range of functionalities to manage in-game elements. From spawning and deleting vehicles with “/car” and “/dv” to manipulating player money using “/givemoney” and “/setmoney”, administrators can effortlessly handle economy-related aspects.

Commands such as “/setjob” and “/setgang” enable administrators to assign players to specific roles or groups, facilitating immersive role-playing experiences. Additionally, commands like “/clearinv” and “/maxmods” streamline inventory management and vehicle customization.

Administrators can maintain a close eye on server activity with commands like “/blips”, “/names”, and “/coords”, which provide essential information about players, their locations, and coordinates.

QBCore server commands also offer administrative communication and moderation tools. The “/announce” command allows administrators to make server-wide announcements, while “/staffchat” enables private communication among administrators. Commands like “/warn”, “/checkwarns”, and “/delwarn” assist in warning and managing player behavior, ensuring a positive and enjoyable environment for all.

From handling reports with “/reportr” to managing player bans using “/ban”, administrators have powerful tools to enforce server rules and maintain order. The “/kickall” and “/kick” commands provide quick means of removing disruptive players.

In addition to these functionalities, QBCore server commands offer utilities for copying coordinates, manipulating ped models, setting running speed, managing ammunition, and more, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for server administrators.

Overall, QBCore server commands empower administrators to efficiently manage and customize their servers, promoting a positive and engaging gameplay experience for all players.

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