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Advance Qbcore Store Robbery

Those who wish to earn money but cannot locate a job may consider becoming shady individuals who will rob stores; however, they must be aware of the Los Santos Police department, which is constantly on the lookout for such individuals.


  • Item Pick-up Option
  • Safe Cracker System
  • Register System
  • Police Alers
  • The installation will take a few minutesFree of Bugs



Welcome to the Advance QBCore Store Robbery script, an exciting addition to your FiveM server that allows players to engage in thrilling heists and earn money outside of traditional job opportunities. However, aspiring robbers must be cautious as they navigate through the bustling streets of Los Santos, always on the lookout for the vigilant Los Santos Police Department.

With the Item Pick-up option, players can interact with various objects inside the targeted store, adding a sense of realism and immersion to the robbery experience. Gather valuable items and cash as you explore the store and plan your escape.

The Safe Cracker system adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to store robberies. Players will need to possess the necessary skills and tools to crack open safes and secure their loot successfully. Be careful not to trigger any alarms or draw unwanted attention.

As players approach the store’s register, they can utilize the Register System to gather additional funds. Interact with the cash register and swiftly collect the money before making a swift getaway.

The script includes a Police Alerts system that notifies law enforcement of the ongoing robbery. The Los Santos Police Department will be dispatched to the scene, adding tension and a thrilling cat-and-mouse dynamic between robbers and law enforcement.

The installation process for the Advance QBCore Store Robbery script is quick and straightforward, taking just a few minutes to set up. Enjoy a seamless and bug-free experience, ensuring smooth gameplay for all participants.

Engage in high-risk heists, outsmart the police, and reap the rewards of successful store robberies with this immersive script. Create an atmosphere of excitement and adventure on your FiveM server, giving players a unique and thrilling gameplay experience.


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