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QBCore Admin Menu | QBCore Advance Admin Menu Script .Manage your all  system.


  • Discord logs
  • Basic Administration (Kicking,Temp/PermaBanning,Mute,Teleport To/From,Slapping,Freeze Player,Warnings)
  • Ability to Screenshot other Players’ Game (requires screenshot-basic)
  • Extensive Banlist System which is highly resilient to ban evasion
  • Basic Ability to modify Server Settings from a GUI.
  • Report / Admin Call System with GUI to view and handle them
  • Extensive Permission system utilising FiveM’s inbuilt ACE System.
  • A Permission Editor allowing for realtime modification of Server Permissions, saves to a config!
  • Various Server Admin Tools such as Cleaning up spawned Cars/Peds/Props
  • API to allow Developers to Communicate with EasyAdmin
  • Plugin Support
  • Fully integrated Discord Bot, including Discord ACE Permissions, Chat Bridge, Commands and Logs
  • many more Features…….


QBCore Admin Menu


Welcome to the QBCore Admin Menu, a powerful and advanced administration script designed to help you efficiently manage your FiveM server. With this feature-rich script, you’ll have full control over your server’s systems, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.

One of the standout features of the QBCore Admin Menu is the Discord logs, allowing you to track and monitor server activities directly from your Discord server. Stay informed about player actions, chat logs, and important events without needing to be in-game.

With basic administration capabilities, you can efficiently handle common tasks such as kicking, temporary or permanent banning, muting, teleporting players, slapping, freezing, and issuing warnings. Maintain order and enforce rules within your server effortlessly.

The ability to take screenshots of other players’ games, utilizing the screenshot-basic resource, provides an additional layer of security and moderation. Capture evidence and address any issues effectively.

The extensive banlist system is highly resilient to ban evasion, ensuring that troublesome players are kept at bay. Customize server settings easily through the user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) included in the script.

The report and admin call system with a convenient GUI allows you to efficiently handle player reports and requests for assistance. Streamline your administrative workflow and address player concerns promptly.

The QBCore Admin Menu features an extensive permission system built on FiveM’s ACE system. Fine-tune access levels for different ranks and roles within your server, ensuring that administrative powers are delegated appropriately.

Additional tools like the ability to clean up spawned cars, pedestrians, and props help maintain server performance and organization. The API integration enables developers to communicate with EasyAdmin, expanding the script’s functionality and customization options.

Fully integrated with a Discord bot, the QBCore Admin Menu includes Discord ACE permissions, a chat bridge, commands, and logs. This seamless integration enhances communication and streamlines administrative tasks.

These are just some of the many features that the QBCore Admin Menu offers. Discover the power and convenience of this advanced administration script, making server management a breeze for FiveM server owners.


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