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ESX Identity advanced with good optimized script


A Core Resource that Allows the player to Pick their characters, Name, Gender, Height and Date-of-birth


Introducing the ESX Identity Advanced script, a must-have resource for your FiveM server that enhances the character creation process and provides players with a personalized and immersive gameplay experience. With its optimized script, this resource ensures smooth performance and seamless integration into your server.

The ESX Identity Advanced script offers a range of features designed to elevate the character selection process. Players have the ability to fully customize their characters, including choosing their name, gender, height, and date of birth. This allows for a more immersive role-playing experience, where players can truly embody their desired characters.

The script serves as a core resource, providing a solid foundation for character creation. It seamlessly integrates into your existing ESX framework, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. The optimized script guarantees efficient performance, minimizing any potential lag or disruptions during character selection.

With the ESX Identity Advanced script, players can create unique and distinct characters that reflect their preferences and vision. Whether they want to be a fearless warrior, a cunning thief, or a charismatic entrepreneur, this script allows for endless possibilities.

By providing players with the freedom to customize their characters, you enhance the immersion and engagement on your FiveM server. Players can fully invest in their characters, creating a sense of ownership and attachment to their virtual personas.

Experience the power of the ESX Identity Advanced script and elevate your FiveM server to new heights. With its advanced features and optimized performance, this resource ensures a seamless and immersive character creation process for your players. Embrace the potential for deep storytelling and captivating role-play with this essential script.


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