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QBCore Clothing script Unique and Advanced with full optimized


  • Database İnsert.
  • Smooth Design.
  • Order style.
  • Barber store
  • Tattoo store.
  • Clothet store.
  • Character creator


Step-by-step guide to installing an advanced clothing script on your FiveM server:

1. Obtain the clothing script: Begin by acquiring the script files. Look for a reputable source or developer that offers a clothing script compatible with the QBCore framework.

2. Locate the resource folder: Navigate to the resource folder of your FiveM server. This folder contains all the resources and scripts used on your server.

3. Upload the script: Upload the clothing script files to the resource folder. Ensure that you maintain the folder structure and preserve any subfolders within the resource.

4. Configure the script: Open the configuration file for the clothing script. This file allows you to customize various settings and features of the clothing system, such as database integration, design elements, and store options. Modify the configuration file according to your server’s requirements and preferences.

5. Start the script: Restart your FiveM server to load the clothing script. The script should now be active and ready to use.

Accessing the clothing options: In-game, players can visit various stores, such as the Barber Store, Tattoo Store, and Clothing Store, to access the advanced and unique clothing options provided by the script. They can interact with the NPCs or menus at these locations to customize their character’s appearance.

By following these steps, you can successfully install the advanced clothing script on your FiveM server. Enjoy the unique features, smooth design, and character customization options provided by this optimized script.

Please note that it is essential to refer to any accompanying documentation or instructions provided with the script for specific commands or additional configuration options to make the most of the clothing script on your FiveM server.


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