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QBCore Projector Script for PD | FiveM

If you guys wish to manage your police department effectively, then you need this script. The script allows you to explain things to your officers and work as a team to save our city.


  • Image URL
  • Remove Option
  • Video URL
  • Easy to use
  • Eye target System
  • Easy to Install


QBCore Whiteboard Script for PD | FiveM: Enhance Police Department Communication and Collaboration

In order to effectively manage your police department and ensure seamless coordination among your officers, the QBCore Projector Script for PD is a must-have addition to your FiveM server. This advanced script enables you to convey important information, provide instructions, and foster teamwork to protect and serve our city.

Key Features:

1. Image URL: With the QBCore Projector Script, you can easily display images through a specified URL. Whether it’s crime scene photos, suspect profiles, or evidence visuals, you can share crucial visual information with your officers in real-time.

2. Remove Option: The script offers a convenient “Remove” feature, allowing you to remove displayed images or videos from the projector screen effortlessly. This ensures that outdated or unnecessary content can be promptly cleared to maintain a clean and organized display.

3. Video URL: Take advantage of the video URL feature, enabling you to stream informative videos relevant to ongoing investigations, training materials, or department announcements. Engage your officers through dynamic visual content and enhance their understanding of critical situations.

4. Easy to Use: The QBCore Projector Script boasts a user-friendly interface, making it simple for any officer to operate. Effortlessly navigate through the script’s menu, select the desired image or video, and display it on the projector screen with just a few clicks.

5. Eye Target System: The script includes an innovative eye target system that ensures the projected content is visible and properly aligned. This feature optimizes the viewing experience, ensuring that officers can easily focus on the displayed information without any distractions.

6. Easy Installation: Installing the QBCore Projector Script on your FiveM server is a straightforward process. Simply upload the script files to the appropriate resource folder, configure any necessary settings, and restart your server. Once activated, you’ll have access to the powerful projector functionality.

By incorporating the QBCore Projector Script for PD into your FiveM server, you can effectively communicate with your officers, share vital information, and foster a strong sense of teamwork. Stay one step ahead of crime and ensure a safer city with this essential script.


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