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ESX Scripts

Welcome to our ESX Scripts category, where we specialize in offering a wide range of scripts tailored for the ESX Server framework, designed to elevate the functionality and immersion of your FiveM server.

What Are ESX Scripts?

ESX Scripts are the backbone of roleplay servers in FiveM, enabling server owners to implement realistic and engaging gameplay features. These scripts are designed to work with the ESX framework, the most popular choice for FiveM roleplay servers. From managing inventory systems to integrating complex phone systems, our scripts provide the tools needed for a deep and immersive gaming experience.

Our Script Offerings

Explore our curated selection of ESX scripts, including:

  • ESX Inventory Script: Streamline your server’s inventory management with a script that offers intuitive and realistic item handling.
  • ESX Phone Script: Integrate a fully-functional phone system into your server, enabling players to communicate, access apps, and more.
  • ESX FiveM Scripts: Discover a variety of scripts to enhance every aspect of your server, from job systems to custom UIs.

Why Choose Our ESX Scripts?

  • Quality and Compatibility: Each script is carefully tested to ensure compatibility with the ESX Server framework and optimal performance on FiveM servers.
  • Diverse Functionality: Our selection covers a wide range of functionalities, ensuring you can find the right script to meet your server’s needs.
  • Community Support: By choosing our ESX scripts, you gain access to a community of developers and server owners for support and advice.

Enhance Your FiveM Server with Our ESX Scripts

Whether you’re looking to enhance your server’s roleplay elements, improve inventory management, or introduce new features to your community, our ESX Scripts category has everything you need. Elevate your FiveM server experience with our expertly crafted scripts, designed for the ESX framework.

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