The FiveM Bus Station MLO introduces a new dimension of realism and functionality to the world of FiveM. This meticulously crafted module provides a comprehensive and immersive experience for players seeking a realistic transit hub in their gameplay.

Central to the Bus Station MLO is the comprehensive ticketing area. This space is streamlined to offer a range of services, including hotel bookings and travel arrangements. It’s designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that players can navigate their travel needs with ease and efficiency.

An integrated ATM facility is another standout feature. This addition provides convenient in-game transactions, allowing players to manage their finances seamlessly as part of their travel experience. It’s a small but significant detail that enhances the realism and interactivity of the module.

A detailed information window is available to provide players with all the necessary travel information. This feature is crucial in assisting players in planning their journeys, offering real-time updates and schedules, much like a true bus station.

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