The FiveM Cityhall MLO, particularly the Fluorine City Hall, stands as a monumental addition to the virtual world of Los Santos and Blaine County. It is an architectural masterpiece, meticulously designed to mirror the grandeur of real-world city halls, and serves as a central hub for political and legal activities within the game.

As players enter the Cityhall, they are immediately struck by its striking design and attention to architectural details. The building exudes an air of authority and realism, making it a perfect setting for various role-play scenarios related to governance and legal affairs.

The second floor of the Cityhall is dedicated to judiciary offices, specifically designed for legal proceedings. These offices are equipped with realistic layouts, furnishings, and legal paraphernalia that mimic real court offices in FiveM Courthouse. This level provides an authentic environment for legal professionals and those involved in judicial role-play.

Moving upwards, the third floor houses the offices of the mayors of Los Santos and Blaine County, along with the prosecutor’s office and legal chambers. These offices are styled to reflect the power and prestige of mayoral positions, featuring luxurious decor and high-end furnishings suitable for the most influential political figures in the game.

The crown jewel of the Cityhall is the fourth floor, which houses the governor and vice governor’s offices and a sophisticated meeting room. This floor is designed for high-level deliberations and decisions, equipped with all the necessities for serious political and legal discussions.

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