City Hall MLO FiveM | Court House MLO FiveM

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Bring governance and justice to life on your FiveM server with our City Hall MLO Fivem & Court House MLO FiveM, designed for civic engagement.

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Elevate your FiveM server with our City Hall MLO FiveM & Court House MLO FiveM, the essential mods for establishing the pillars of justice and governance in your virtual city. These meticulously designed mods provide realistic and functional venues for legal and civic activities.

The City Hall MLO FiveM is a beautifully crafted space that serves as the administrative heart of your server. It’s perfect for hosting a variety of civic activities, from elections and public announcements to community meetings. The design of the city hall is both imposing and welcoming, symbolizing the server’s governance and community spirit.

City Hall MLO FiveM Key features include:

  • A grand city hall for administrative and community events.
  • A fully-equipped courthouse for immersive legal role-plays.
  • Detailed interiors to enhance the realism of civic and legal proceedings.
  • Suitable for servers focusing on law, order, and community engagement.

Complementing the city hall, our Court House MLO FiveM offers a detailed and immersive environment for judicial proceedings. From trials and hearings to legal deliberations, this MLO provides an authentic court setting. It enhances role-play scenarios involving law enforcement, legal battles, and justice administration, making it indispensable for servers that focus on detailed and realistic role-playing.

Court House MLO FiveM




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City Hall MLO FiveMCity Hall MLO FiveM | Court House MLO FiveM
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $10.00.
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