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Revamp your game with our FiveM Tesla Car Pack – high-quality, eco-friendly cars with Superchargers. Enhance your racing experience now!

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Experience advanced automotive technology with our FiveM Tesla Car. Our high-quality FiveM Cars come fully equipped with Tesla Superchargers, offering top-notch solutions for your FiveM car needs. These cars are fully compatible with Qbcore & ESX servers, ensuring a seamless integration into your gameplay.

Our FiveM car spawn codes unlock high-quality 3D models of Tesla Superchargers, revolutionizing your FiveM ready cars. Crafted for convenience, our FiveM Tesla Car allow you to place Superchargers in locations of your choice.

Our FiveM Tesla Car feature a unique Car HUD FiveM system, rendering a minimap that shows your battery’s charge level. Embrace the realism as high RPMs decrease the battery range while low RPMs conserve energy.

Our FiveM Tesla Car Pack includes a custom map featuring the Tesla Supercharger 3D model. The charging functionality uses a quadratic Bezier curve, offering a realistic charging rate. Plus, these FiveM Police Cars come with custom charging rates via config.lua, adding the concept of charging while your vehicle is stored in a garage.

Featuring best-in-class acceleration, better-than-average handling, and a low center of gravity, these FiveM Drag Cars redefine your racing experience.

FiveM Tesla Car Features:

  1. Tesla Supercharger: High-quality 3D model, compatible with all vehicles.
  2. Energy Use Display: Real-time Whr (watt-hours) tracking for battery management.
  3. Custom Placing: Convenient Supercharger locations.
  4. Realistic Charging Rates: Adjustable via config.lua.
  5. Superior Performance: Exceptional acceleration, handling, and limited roll-over.

5 reviews for FiveM Tesla Car | High-Quality FiveM Cars with Superchargers

  1. Archer (verified owner)

    Exceptional performance enhancements.

  2. Brendan (verified owner)

    The epicenter of FiveM innovation.

  3. Bryson (verified owner)

    Their mods are a cut above the rest.

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    Unparalleled selection of gaming tools.

  5. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Consistently updated with new features.

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FiveM Tesla CarFiveM Tesla Car | High-Quality FiveM Cars with Superchargers
Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $15.00.
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