Easytime – FiveM Time & Weather Script: A Comprehensive Review



Features of Easytime – FiveM Time & Weather Script: A Comprehensive Review

  • Natural Weather Cycles:
    • Incorporates natural weather changes.
    • Avoids sudden transitions, e.g., an immediate shift from sunny to thunder.
    • Progresses from low to high intensity for rain and similar phenomena.
    • No repetition of the same cycle consecutively.
  • Persistent Weather:
    • Customizable settings like time/weather, dynamic weather, freeze time, etc.
    • Save settings to settings.txt for automatic re-application post-server restart.
  • Customizable Time/Weather Changes:
    • Allows staff to force instant or gradual weather and time changes via the in-game UI.
    • Normal player experience is always smooth without noticeable jumps in time or weather.
  • Smooth Transitions:
    • Time: Subtle changes with no sudden shadow jumps.
    • Weather: If instant changes are disabled, transitions are complete in 3 minutes, ensuring a natural feel.
  • In-Game UI Interface:
    • Facilitates major changes: time/weather modifications, dynamic weather toggling, and more.
  • Configurable Weather Patterns:
    • Choose how frequently rain, thunder, or snow occurs via percentage-based chances.
  • Synced Experience:
    • Full sync for every player on the server, ensuring a uniform experience.
    • Compatible with ESX/QBCore, syncing weather post player load by the framework.
  • Shell Support:
    • Set optimal time and weather conditions on entering a shell.
    • Resync the client with a server on exiting the shell.
  • Blackout Feature:
    • Enable city-wide light shutdown from the UI.
    • Option to keep vehicle lights on during blackouts.
  • Freeze Time:
    • Set a specific time frame and maintain it indefinitely.
  • Optimized Design:
    • Ensures smooth gameplay with optimal resource usage.
  • Animated Time Slider:
    • Use the slider on the UI to adjust the time.
  • Tsunami Warning (pre-restart warning):
    • In-character alert system for server restarts.
    • Weather transitions to a Halloween theme, followed by a blackout and a warning alert sound.


  • Learning Curve: First-time users might take some time to familiarize themselves with all the settings.
  • Config Dependency: Certain features require thorough configuration to operate optimally.
  • UI Integration: Some players might find the in-game UI obtrusive.

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