QBCore Multicharacter

QBCore Multicharacter | A Multicharacter system for FiveM

FiveM QBCore Multicharacter Spawn

This multi-character script allows you to create a backstory for your server and obtain a visa. There are several features available here.


  • Create New Character
  • Delete Characters
  • Confirmation on delete character
  • Backstory Option
  • Easy to switch Option
  • Create more than one character
  • Cool Unique design
  • best qbcore multicharacter



- UI:
Modern & Sleek UI, A UI that will make people on your server fall in love.

Default support for qb-clothing, raid clothing & fivem-appearance with the options to add/edit as you like.

Players will have to write their exact Character Name in order to delete their character, prevent players crying after deleting their character by mistake

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In the bustling world of FiveM servers, server administrators are constantly seeking ways to enhance the player experience. One essential aspect of this is the ability for players to have multiple characters within the server. With the introduction of the FiveM QBCore Multicharacter Spawn script, server owners now have access to a powerful tool that brings a new level of immersion and customization to their FiveM server.

The main purpose of the QBCore Multicharacter Spawn script is to enable players to create and manage multiple characters within the server. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing players to develop unique backstories for each character and dive deeper into the role-playing aspect of the game. Whether it’s creating a law-abiding citizen or a notorious criminal, players can now explore different narratives and perspectives, making the gameplay experience more dynamic and engaging.

One of the standout features of this script is its user-friendly interface. The ability to easily switch between characters provides players with seamless transitions and quick access to their desired character. This feature adds convenience and efficiency to the gameplay, enabling players to jump into the action without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Additionally, the script offers the option to delete characters, with a confirmation prompt to prevent accidental deletions. This ensures that players have control over their character roster while minimizing the risk of unintended actions. The inclusion of this feature demonstrates a thoughtful approach to character management, prioritizing player satisfaction and avoiding any potential frustrations.

Furthermore, the QBCore Multicharacter Spawn script boasts a cool and unique design. The developers have put considerable effort into creating an aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing interface, making character selection and customization a delightful experience. The attention to detail in the design elements adds an extra layer of immersion and polish to the overall gameplay.

In conclusion, the FiveM QBCore Multicharacter Spawn script revolutionizes the concept of character management in FiveM servers. With its ability to create new characters, delete characters with confirmation prompts, offer backstory options, provide easy character switching, and present a captivating design, this script sets the standard for the best QBCore multicharacter system in the FiveM server community. By incorporating this script into your FiveM server, you can elevate the role-playing experience and provide players with the freedom to explore multiple unique characters, fostering a rich and immersive gameplay environment within your FiveM server.

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