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Spice up your FiveM server with the FiveM Kebab King MLO! Detailed FiveM restaurant mlo interior for immersive food-related roleplay.

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Immerse yourself in the world of flavorful kebabs with the FiveM Kebab King MLO. This meticulously crafted restaurant interior brings a touch of authenticity to your FiveM server, offering a unique and engaging roleplay experience for food lovers.

Key Features of FiveM Kebab King MLO

  • Eye-catching exterior: Attract customers with vibrant signage and menu displays.
  • Inviting entrance: Large glass doors provide a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Efficient service area: A streamlined counter for quick and easy ordering.
  • Dedicated kitchen: Prepare delicious kebabs out of sight for a touch of realism.

Why Choose Our FiveM Kebab King MLO

Enhance your FiveM server with a popular and functional food establishment.  The Kebab King MLO offers a realistic and immersive culinary setting, attracting roleplayers seeking unique dining experiences. From the vibrant exterior to the functional kitchen, every detail is designed to create an enjoyable kebab shop atmosphere.

  • Optimized for roleplay: Perfect for food-related roles and scenarios.
  • Detailed interior: Creates a believable and immersive space.


Upgrade your FiveM world with the Kebab King MLO.  Add a touch of deliciousness and unique role playing opportunities to your server, leaving players craving more!

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FiveM Restaurant MLO

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FiveM Kebab King MLOFiveM Kebab King MLO | FiveM Restaurant MLO
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $8.99.
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