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Immersive FiveM Bar MLO. Detailed bar, seating, lighting, interactive elements. Perfect for roleplay servers in FiveM Bar Interior.

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Elevate your FiveM roleplay experience with this immersive Bar MLO. Meticulously designed and packed with features, this interior transforms any space into a social hub for your server.

Key Features of FiveM Bar MLO

  • Fully stocked bar: Wide selection of beverage props for realistic drink-making.
  • Diverse seating: Offer a mix of booths, stools, and lounge areas for varied roleplay.
  • Dynamic lighting: Set the perfect mood with customizable lighting.
  • Interactive elements: Pool tables, dartboards, or a stage enhance player engagement.
  • Boss den: Create a secluded, luxurious space for meetings and VIPs.

Why Choose our FiveM Bar Interior MLO

This fully optimized MLO delivers realism and atmosphere. It’s perfect for creating lively bar scenes, relaxed social gatherings, or even clandestine meetings. With its detailed design and functionality, this MLO adds endless roleplaying possibilities to your FiveM server.

  • Easy integration: Seamlessly install and start roleplaying right away.


Whether you envision a classic pub, a trendy nightclub, or something entirely unique, this FiveM Bar MLO gives you the foundation to build memorable roleplay experiences. Upgrade your server and take your social interactions to the next level!

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FiveM Bar Interior
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FiveM Bar MLOFiveM Bar MLO | FiveM Bar Interior
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