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Immerse in the world of medical roleplay with the Central Hospital FiveM Map, a multi-story healthcare facility replete with detailed interiors and realistic amenities for an unparalleled in-game experience.

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The Central Hospital FiveM Map is a remarkable integration in the FiveM universe. It is not merely an ordinary place but a sprawling multi-story facility that brings together various aspects of healthcare, reflecting realism and attention to detail.

As you venture into the hospital, the main entrance area greets you with an aura of authenticity. The architectural layout resembles that of a modern hospital, with a comprehensive system of entry and exit doors designed for seamless movement. The atmosphere is kept vibrant and lively, ensuring a sense of comfort and calm for every visitor, patient, or medical professional walking through those doors.

Once inside, the hospital is divided into distinct sections, each with its function. The first floor houses a fully equipped medical center designed for immediate patient care. The facilities on this floor also include a pharmacy, stocked with a wide range of medicines, serving as a convenient stop for patients and their families.

The second floor is dedicated to more specific medical services, boasting an impressive operation room set-up. The operation room is not just a simple space; it is meticulously designed with the necessary medical equipment, a surgery bed, and an integrated X-ray machine, giving a true-to-life feel of an active surgery room.

The patient rooms spread across the hospital building are nothing short of comfort and privacy. Each room is carefully crafted to provide a serene environment that aids the patient’s recovery. The rooms are well-equipped and spacious, allowing healthcare staff to perform their duties without any hindrance.

The hospital also incorporates a helipad on its roof, providing an emergency medical evacuation option. This feature is a testament to the map’s practicality, considering real-life scenarios of critical medical emergencies that require swift air transport.

On the third floor lies the administrative wing, where important decisions regarding patient care and hospital management are made. A sizeable meeting hall serves as a platform for these discussions. Nearby, individual offices for doctors offer a private space for consultations and record-keeping.

The FiveM Central Hospital Map goes beyond just being a location; it provides a platform where roleplay experiences can delve into various aspects of the medical field, fostering a community that appreciates realism and intricate detailing in the world of FiveM.



  • Comprehensive Three-Floor Hospital Building
  • Fully Equipped Medical Center
  • In-House Pharmacy
  • Detailed Operation Room with Integrated X-ray Machine
  • Comfortable Patient Rooms
  • Rooftop Helipad for Emergency Evacuation
  • Administrative Meeting Hall
  • Personal Offices for Doctors
  • Realistic Entry and Exit Door System

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    A game changer in FiveM server management.

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    A testament to gaming excellence.

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    Top choice for serious FiveM players.

  4. Max (verified owner)

    Exceptional quality in every purchase.

  5. Charles (verified owner)

    Their mods are a cut above the rest.

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