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ESX Phone | Unique and Advanced Phone For Esx.thish is more than just a phone. It includes many social media apps, custom themes and apps, games, and more.


  • Hot: Group Call, Mute and Speaker feature for phone call, Dynamic Island feature, Info App (iFrame),, Business, Car Seller.
  • Social Media Apps; Tinder, Instagram (have video record and comments in posts), Twitter, Yellow Pages, YouTube, 9 Gags.
  • Messaging Apps: iMessage (including group chat and voicemail), Dark Chat, Mail.
  • Jobs Apps: Taxi, Gotur, Moov (Rent a car) and eBay.
  • Main Apps: Bank, News, GPS, Stock Market, Valet, Gallery (Take photo and record video), Billing, Job Notify (notice on pd and ems), Calculator, Music, Notes, House App (Only works with loaf_house).
  • Entertainment Apps: Race, Zedge (Custom ringtones and wallpapers), Games (Snake, BlackJack, 2048, Tetris).
  •  iOS Control Center: Turn on/off weather forecast, AirDrop (phone number sharing), Brightness and Sound Level. Facetime (with webrtc), Flashlight, Flight Mod and Streamer Mod.
  • Props: Fast and Normal Charging Kiosk. 3 different phone probes custom made by Patoche. (iPhone 12 Pro Black, Gold and Pink)
NOTE : we are given above features {not included all mobile scripts}.we are provide only mobile script { watch showcase}


Introducing the ESX Phone, an exceptional and advanced phone designed specifically for ESX servers in FiveM. This phone goes beyond its basic function and offers a wide range of features, making it an indispensable tool for your server’s immersive experience. From social media apps to custom themes and games, the ESX Phone has it all.

One of the standout features of the ESX Phone is the ability to make group calls, mute participants, and activate the speaker during phone calls. This enhances communication among players and promotes teamwork during critical moments. Additionally, the Dynamic Island feature provides players with real-time updates on the changing landscape of the server, keeping them engaged and informed.

The ESX Phone also includes a variety of social media apps, such as Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, Yellow Pages, YouTube, and 9 Gags. Players can interact with these apps, post comments, and even record videos, adding a social element to their gameplay experience. Messaging apps like iMessage, Dark Chat, and Mail facilitate seamless communication among players, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration.

For job-related activities, the ESX Phone offers apps like Taxi, Gotur, Moov (Rent a car), and eBay. These apps allow players to engage in various job opportunities within the server, expanding their roleplaying possibilities. Essential apps like Bank, News, GPS, Stock Market, Valet, Gallery, Billing, Job Notify, Calculator, Music, Notes, and House App further enhance the functionality and immersion of the ESX Phone.

Entertainment apps, including Race, Zedge, and a selection of games like Snake, BlackJack, 2048, and Tetris, offer moments of leisure and fun for players during their downtime. The iOS Control Center provides convenient access to features like weather forecasts, AirDrop for phone number sharing, brightness and sound level controls, and even Facetime with WebRTC integration.

In terms of aesthetics, the ESX Phone offers three unique phone models – iPhone 12 Pro Black, Gold, and Pink – along with fast and normal charging kiosks. This attention to detail adds a touch of personalization and variety to the phone experience.

Elevate your ESX server in FiveM with the exceptional ESX Phone, a feature-rich device that brings a whole new level of interaction, communication, and entertainment to your players.


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