La Linterna Mexican Bar MLO | Bar MLO FiveM

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Dive into La Linterna Mexican Bar MLO and Bar MLO FiveM, A vibrant Mexican bar with a restaurant combo, and underground tunnels.

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Welcome to La Linterna Mexican Bar MLO, an authentic and vibrant Bar MLO FiveM that brings the essence of Mexican culture to life. This Bar MLO FiveM offers a unique combination of a restaurant and bar, creating the perfect setting for gatherings and roleplaying scenarios.

La Linterna Mexican Bar MLO Key Features:

  • Authentic Mexican Bar: Vibrant atmosphere with detailed decorations and lighting.
  • Restaurant & Bar Combo: Enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks in one location.
  • Multiple Rooms: Explore the main dining area, dedicated bar space, and backroom for diverse experiences.
  • Secret Doors: Discover hidden passageways behind bookshelves, paintings, or working toilets.
  • Underground Tunnels: Connect to other locations for a clandestine feel.
  • Meeting Rooms: Ideal for shady deals, planning heists, or hosting illicit activities.

Each area of the bar is meticulously designed to provide an authentic Mexican experience, with textures and decorations that reflect the lively spirit of Mexican culture.

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Bar MLO FiveM

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La Linterna Mexican Bar MLOLa Linterna Mexican Bar MLO | Bar MLO FiveM
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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