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Explore Humane Labs Factory MLO in FiveM Factory MLO with heist potential, high-level security features, hidden areas, and multiple entry points.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure with the Humane Labs Factory MLO, a uniquely designed FiveM Factory MLO that’s perfect for heist-themed roleplay and scripted events. This MLO offers an accurate recreation of the factory interior, complete with conveyor belts, testing chambers, and production lines, fully explorable with working doors and interactive elements.

The Humane Labs Factory MLO is equipped with high-level security features, including laser grids, security cameras, and turrets, adding an element of challenge and risk to your missions. Explore the facility to discover secret rooms and hidden compartments, unveiling an extra layer of exploration and excitement.

Strategically designed with multiple entry points, FiveM Factory MLO allows for different infiltration strategies, providing players with various options to plan and execute their heists. Each entry point offers a unique approach to the interior, making every mission feel fresh and challenging.

Humane Labs Factory MLO Key Features:

  • Heist Potential: Ideal for heist-themed roleplay with numerous scenarios.
  • Security Features: Navigate through laser grids, security cameras, and turrets.
  • Hidden Areas: Discover secret rooms and compartments for an added thrill.
  • Multiple Entry Points: Allows for creative infiltration strategies.
  • Accurate Factory Recreation: Conveyor belts, testing chambers, and production lines.

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FiveM Factory MLO

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Humane Labs Factory MLOHumane Labs Factory MLO | FiveM Factory MLO
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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