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Elevate your FiveM server with our luxurious FiveM Vinewood House MLO. Stunning design, mechanic’s garage, perfect in fivem mlo houses.


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Introducing the ultimate FiveM Vinewood House MLO –  an emblem of sophistication and a vibrant addition to your FiveM server. This exclusive residence showcases exquisite details and premium amenities for those who desire the best in luxury RP experiences.

Key Features of FiveM Vinewood House MLO

  • Exterior Splendor: Manicured gardens, breathtaking pool, multi-tiered patios, and secure gating.
  • Mechanic’s Haven: State-of-the-art garage with high ceilings, workspace, and vehicle lift.
  • Entertainment Hub: Grand piano, guitars, fireplace, ideal for RP events.
  • Culinary Excellence: High-end kitchen, ample dining space with panoramic views.
  • Business Ready: Home office featuring statement desk, safe, and inspiring skyline.

Why Choose our FiveM Vinewood House MLO

Immerse your players in a lifestyle of the rich and famous with this stunning property.  The meticulous design fosters high-end roleplay with spaces crafted for mechanics, gatherings, relaxation, and high-profile business dealings. Let this MLO elevate your server’s realism and engagement.

  • Masterful Suite: King bed, lavish closet, spa-inspired bathroom.
  • Luxury Bedrooms: Unique layouts, private ensuite bathrooms.
  • Skyline Balcony: Stargazing telescope, ultimate city lookout.


This FiveM Vinewood House MLO isn’t just a dwelling; it’s a symbol of status and success. Elevate your FiveM world with this meticulously crafted masterpiece that’s sure to inspire incredible roleplay, from lavish lifestyles to thrilling automotive work.

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FiveM Vinewood House MLO FiveM Vinewood House MLO | FiveM MLO Houses
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