FiveM Prison Escape Tunnel | Fivem Secret Locations

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Escape the ordinary! FiveM Prison Escape Tunnel MLO – hidden entrances, Fivem Secret Locations, strategic routes. 

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Transform your FiveM server with the ultimate clandestine escape route – our Prison Escape Tunnel MLO. This immersive environment adds a thrilling layer of realism and strategy to prison-themed roleplay scenarios.

Key Features of FiveM Prison Escape Tunnel

  • Hidden entry point: Cleverly concealed for an added challenge.
  • Immersive tunnel design: Realistic textures and atmospheric details.
  • Debris and obstacles: Heighten the sense of risk and tension.
  • Strategic branching tunnels: Increase possibilities and replayability.

Why Choose our FiveM Prison Escape Tunnel MLO

Designed for seamless integration, this MLO elevates your FiveM prison experience. Players will be fully immersed in their daring escape attempts, navigating a treacherous underground network filled with hidden dangers and unexpected turns.

  • Integrates with existing systems: Potential for expanded escape routes.


Unleash the thrill of a daring prison break! This FiveM Prison Escape Tunnel offers a unique role playing experience, fueling player creativity and strategic brilliance.  Add it to your server for a guaranteed boost in player engagement.

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Fivem Secret Locations

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FiveM Prison Escape TunnelFiveM Prison Escape Tunnel | Fivem Secret Locations
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $9.75.
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