FiveM Paleto Pawn Shop MLO

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FiveM Paleto Pawn Shop MLO: Buy, sell, roleplay! Money laundering, arcade games, and detailed realism for your FiveM server.

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Enhance your FiveM roleplay experience with this incredibly detailed Paleto Pawn Shop MLO. This immersive environment adds a vibrant new business opportunity, crafting potential for both legitimate operations and clandestine activities like money laundering!

Key Features of FiveM Paleto Pawn Shop MLO

  • Authentic pawn shop layout: Realistic design for engaging customer interactions
  • Detailed display cases: Exhibit and sell a wide range of items
  • Stocked tool shelves: Add variety and utility
  • Customer service area: Conduct transactions

Why Choose Our FiveM Paleto Pawn Shop MLO

This MLO is your key to unique FiveM roleplay scenarios.  The potential for intriguing interactions,  legitimate pawnbroking, as well as shady money laundering creates endless possibilities. The included arcade games offer another layer of entertainment and potential income streams within your server.

  • Potential for both legal and illegal activities
  • Arcade games for extra fun and revenue
  • Compatible with popular money laundering scripts


Upgrade your FiveM server with the Paleto Pawn Shop MLO.  It’s a dynamic addition to any roleplaying world, offering diverse business options and the perfect setting for a wide range of captivating player interactions.

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FiveM Paleto Pawn Shop MLO

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FiveM Paleto Pawn Shop MLOFiveM Paleto Pawn Shop MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $10.00.
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