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Explore the ultimate FiveM Oil Rig MLO, featuring detailed exteriors, immersive interiors, and dynamic environments. 


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Embark on a journey to the heart of the ocean with our latest FiveM Oil Rig MLO, a meticulously crafted mod that brings the gritty, intricate world of offshore oil rigs to life. Designed for the ultimate roleplaying experience, this MLO pushes the boundaries of immersion in the FiveM universe, offering unparalleled detail and realism in both its exterior and interior environments.

Key Features of FiveM Oil Rig MLO

  • High-Detail Exterior: Featuring a helipad, catwalks, staircases, and decks, complemented by textured surfaces that showcase rust, wear, and realistic weathering.
  • Dynamic Lighting & Ocean Effects: Experience the rig in all lighting conditions, with added realism from oceanic simulations.
  • Detailed Interiors: From control rooms brimming with technology to living quarters that feel lived-in, every corner tells a story.
  • Accessibility: Reach the rig by land, sea, or air, adding layers of engagement and strategy for players.

Why Choose Our FiveM Oil Rig MLO

Choosing our FiveM Oil Rig MLO means investing in a mod that elevates gameplay through detailed design and immersive environments. Players can explore multiple levels, engage with functional equipment, and lose themselves in the life-like settings of an operational oil rig.

  • Multi-level Exploration: Discover areas from the ocean’s surface down to the intriguing sublevels.
  • Immersive Interiors: Control rooms, living quarters, and a vast engine room enrich roleplay opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Accessibility: The rig is designed to be approachable from multiple modes of transport, enhancing the tactical aspects of gameplay.


Our FiveM Oil Rig MLO sets a new standard for realism and immersion in FiveM modding. It provides a comprehensive, richly detailed environment that supports dynamic roleplay scenarios, making it a must-have for servers aiming to offer unique and memorable experiences. Dive into the heart of the action, where every detail counts and every moment on the rig brings new challenges and adventures.

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FiveM Oil Ring MLO

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FiveM Oil Rig MLOFiveM Oil Rig MLO
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