FiveM Non-Branded PD Taurus

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Explore the FiveM Non-Branded PD Taurus, a versatile and reliable addition to your FiveM PD. Perfect for enhancing your law enforcement FiveM.

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Introducing the FiveM Non-Branded PD Taurus, a top-tier addition to your FiveM PD fleet. Engineered for precision and designed with functionality in mind, this model stands out as a staple in FiveM modding for any serious law enforcement roleplay.

Key Features of FiveM Non-Branded PD Taurus

  • Identification: Marked with car number “065” for fleet integration.
  • Design: Features a badge emblem resembling real-life police vehicles without specific city or state markings.
  • Motto: Inscribed with “SERVING WITH DISTINCTION” to reflect a commitment to high law enforcement standards.
  • Emergency Features: Includes “EMERGENCY DIAL 911” text and a functional light bar for urgent missions.
  • Utility: Equipped with a push bumper for practical obstacle management.

Why Choose Our FiveM Non-Branded PD Taurus

Opt for the FiveM Non-Branded PD Taurus for a balance of performance and practicality. This vehicle is not only a crucial part of the FiveM cars ecosystem but also a symbol of reliability and authority within the gaming world.

  • Durability: Built to withstand rigorous use.
  • Versatility: Ideal for various PD roles and scenarios.


The FiveM Non-Branded PD Taurus is the ultimate choice for players seeking a reliable, well-equipped police vehicle in their FiveM modding collection. With its thoughtful design and essential features, it ensures that every law enforcement scenario is as realistic and engaging as possible. This sedan is the perfect blend of functionality and performance, making it a cornerstone of any FiveM PD fleet.

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FiveM Non-Branded PD TaurusFiveM Non-Branded PD Taurus
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $3.50.
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