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Secret FiveM Hory MLO – the perfect illegal mountain medical facility for gritty roleplay scenarios in fivem grandma mlo.

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Add a unique and secretive element to your FiveM server with this clandestine Hory MLO. Designed as an illegal mountain medical facility, this space sets the stage for gritty roleplay scenarios and high-stakes action within your world.

Key Features of FiveM Hory MLO

  • Mountain Hideaway: Located in a remote, mountainous region for added secrecy.
  • Medical Equipment: Features operating beds, computers, medical machines, and stocked supplies.
  • Living Quarters: Includes basic necessities like a sofa, TV, and laptop.
  • Notice Board: Provides a space for roleplayers to share illicit information or plans.

Why Choose our FiveM Grandma MLO

This FiveM Grandma MLO is more than just a structure – it’s a dynamic environment fueling intriguing storylines. Perfect for servers featuring gangs, medic roleplay, or those seeking a hidden base of operations.


Unleash a whole new dimension of FiveM possibilities with this secluded Hory MLO.  Designed for those seeking underground medical facilities or shady hideouts, it’s guaranteed to inject your server with exciting roleplay moments.

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FiveM Grandma MLO

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FiveM Hory MLOFiveM Hory MLO | FiveM Grandma MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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