FiveM Grand Senora Drug Farm | FiveM Illegal

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An intricate property FiveM Grand Senora Drug Farm and FiveM Illegal an underground drug lab, and  equipped for both upkeep and confinement.

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The property encompasses a diverse range of areas tailored for a variety of uses, both recreational and secretive FiveM Grand Senora Drug Farm and FiveM Illegal. On the exterior, the inclusion of a poker table and a comfortable sitting area with a sofa sets the stage for social gatherings and leisure activities, complemented by the aesthetic touch of a house plant. Inside, the main hall combines practicality with a sense of community, featuring a dining table adjacent to a small kitchen setup, alongside a casual relaxation spot marked by a beer bottle on a table with a sofa. 

The presence of this FiveM Grand Senora Drug Farm you will see multiple beer bottles and raw materials hints at frequent use and possibly even production activities. Venturing underground reveals a stark contrast to the above-ground ambiance: a drug lab equipped with several drums and drug packaging materials, indicating illicit operations. The store room further supports this duality, housing mechanical tools for maintenance or construction, a planning map suggestive of organized illegal activities, cleaning tools for upkeep, and two jails for confinement purposes, underscoring the property’s multifunctional yet clandestine nature in FiveM Illegal

Key Features:

  • Exterior:
    • Poker table for outdoor recreation and gatherings.
    • Sitting area with a sofa for comfortable outdoor relaxation.
    • House plant enhancing exterior aesthetics.
  • Interior – Main Hall:
    • Combined dining and kitchen area for meals and social interaction.
    • Casual atmosphere with beer bottles indicating leisurely use.
    • Evidence of consumption and possibly production activities.
  • Underground – Drug Lab:
    • Equipment for drug production, revealing illegal activities.
  • Store Room:
    • Mechanical tools for various purposes, including illicit ones.
    • Planning map for strategic organization related to illegal operations.
    • Cleaning tools for maintenance of the space.
    • Two jails for confinement, hinting at criminal undertakings.

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FiveM Illegal

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FiveM Grand Senora Drug FarmFiveM Grand Senora Drug Farm | FiveM Illegal
Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $5.00.
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