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Own a piece of Americana! FiveM Chick Fil A MLO delivers immersive roleplay in a meticulously detailed fivem restaurant mlo environment.


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Bring the iconic Chick Fil A experience to your FiveM server! This highly detailed MLO meticulously recreates the fast-food restaurant’s atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop for immersive roleplay scenarios.

Key Features of FiveM Chick Fil A MLO

  • Faithful recreation of the exterior, including the red & white facade and drive-thru.
  • Detailed interior with a functional kitchen, dining area, and accurate branding.
  • Organized layout for realistic customer and staff interactions.
  • Play area for fun roleplay experiences.
  • Washrooms for added realism.

Why Choose our FiveM Chick Fil A MLO

This MLO delivers an unparalleled roleplay experience. Players can take on various roles – manager, cook, cashier, customer – interacting within a familiar, accurately modeled environment.  The attention to detail fosters believability, ensuring your Chick Fil A becomes a hub of activity on your FiveM server.

  • Designed for ease of integration into your FiveM world.
  • Optimized for smooth performance.


Add a unique roleplay location to your FiveM community with the Chick Fil A MLO. The immersive design and comprehensive features allow for limitless scenarios. Enhance your gameplay experience today!

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FiveM Restaurant MLO

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FiveM Chick Fil A MLOFiveM Chick Fil A MLO | FiveM Restaurant MLO
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