Beach Garage MLO | Mechanic Garage MLO FiveM

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Explore the Del Perro Beach Garage MLO: Your go-to spot for parking and quick vehicle fixes Mechanic Garage MLO FiveM.

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Welcome to the Del Perro Beach Parking Garage, a meticulously designed Beach Garage MLO that blends seamlessly into the vibrant atmosphere of Del Perro Pier in the Mechanic Garage MLO FiveM . This unique garage offers not just ample parking space but also a dedicated area for mechanic work, making it an essential pit stop for both casual beachgoers and automotive enthusiasts alike.

FiveM Beach Garage MLO Key Features:

  • Spacious Parking Area: The garage boasts a large parking area capable of accommodating a wide variety of vehicles, from everyday cars to high-performance sports cars, ensuring that space is never an issue.
  • Dedicated Mechanic Zone: Equipped with a workbench, essential mechanic tools, and a storage area for parts and supplies, this zone allows for on-the-spot repairs and maintenance, catering to the needs of all players who fancy a bit of tinkering with their vehicles.
  • Strategic Location: Situated near the bustling Del Perro Pier, the garage benefits from high foot and vehicular traffic, making it a central hub for players looking for a quick fix or a place to show off their prized automobiles.
  • Interactive Elements: Players can interact with various elements within the garage, from using the workbench for vehicle modifications to accessing the storage area, enhancing the realism and engagement of the MLO

The Beach Garage MLO and Mechanic Garage MLO FiveM is more than just a place to park or repair vehicles; it’s a multifaceted space designed to enhance the gameplay experience, offering convenience, functionality, and a touch of coastal charm to the FiveM world.


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Mechanic Garage MLO FiveM

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Beach Garage MLOBeach Garage MLO | Mechanic Garage MLO FiveM
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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