Aztecas Gang Hideout MLO | FiveM Weed Farm

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In gang life with Aztecas Gang Hideout MLO Fivem, a perfect FiveM weed farm, fivem gang hideout mlo and secretive operations for gangs.

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Introducing the Aztecas Gang Hideout MLO and FiveM Weed Farm, a comprehensive Map Load Object (MLO) for FiveM, tailored for an immersive gang hideout and weed farming experience.  Aztecas Gang Hideout MLO is a perfect fit for servers looking to enhance their gang related gameplay with a realistic and functional hideout.

 Aztecas Gang Hideout MLO Key Features:

  • Specialized Weed Storage: The  Aztecas Gang Hideout MLO includes a dedicated space for weed storage, ensuring a secure and discreet area for your farming operations.
  • Weed Packaging Facility: Alongside storage, the MLO features a minor packaging area, ideal for preparing FiveM weed Farm for distribution within the game.
  • Vehicle Parking and Repair: A spacious area is available for gang members to park and repair their vehicles, adding a practical aspect to the hideout.
  • Strategic Location: Situated in a carefully chosen location, the hideout offers both secrecy and accessibility, crucial for gang operations.

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FiveM Weed Farm


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Aztecas Gang Hideout MLOAztecas Gang Hideout MLO | FiveM Weed Farm
Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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