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Upgrade your FiveM server with the Weazel News MLO FiveM. Custom newsroom, TV studios, & more for immersive roleplay in fivem news mlo.

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Immerse your players in the heart of breaking news with the Weazel News MLO FiveM. This meticulously designed interior transforms your FiveM server into a bustling news hub, providing the perfect backdrop for dynamic roleplay scenarios.

Key Features of Weazel News MLO FiveM

  • Custom, Original Design: Experience a unique and detailed interior structure unlike any other.
  • Multiple TV Studios: Broadcast live news segments or create engaging talk shows.
  • Offices and Common Areas: Provide ample space for journalists, editors, and off-air discussions.

Why Choose Our Weazel News MLO FiveM

Enhance your FiveM server’s roleplaying potential with the Weazel News MLO.  Its realistic design and functional spaces foster creativity, allowing players to report on hard-hitting stories, conduct interviews, and drive the server’s narrative.

  • Promote Immersive Roleplay: Ideal for news reporters, camera crews, and investigative journalists.
  • Versatile Spaces: Accommodates a wide range of role playing scenarios and events.


The Weazel News MLO FiveM is an essential addition for FiveM servers seeking to elevate their roleplaying experiences. Elevate your server’s storytelling and offer players the chance to shape the headlines!

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FiveM News Mlo

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Weazel News MLO FiveMWeazel News MLO FiveM | FiveM News Mlo
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $12.00.
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