Explore the Vagos Hideout MLO for FiveM: An Intricate Haven for GTA 5 Enthusiasts


Dive into the Vagos Hideout MLO in FiveM! Featuring an 8-ball table, storage rooms & more in GTA 5’s iconic Vagos territory

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If you’re a dedicated FiveM player, the name “Vagos Hideout” likely resonates with a sense of mystique and anticipation. This detailed MLO (Map Load Object) for FiveM integrates seamlessly into the vast world of GTA 5, bringing fresh life and intricate details to the Vagos faction, a renowned part of the game’s lore.

The Vagos, an infamous gang within the GTA 5 universe, operates primarily out of the Los Santos region. Famous for their unmistakable lowriders and unmistakable presence, the Vagos have been a mainstay in GTA games for a long time. In FiveM, the experience becomes even more immersive, thanks to the addition of the Vagos Hideout MLO.

Features of the Vagos Hideout MLO:

  • FiveM Ready: This MLO is prepped and ready for FiveM, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration into the game.
  • Base Floor Configuration:
    • Two distinct entrance doors, facilitate both entrance and exit.
    • A well-equipped kitchen for all your culinary escapades.
    • An expansive hall featuring a seating area provides the perfect spot for strategic gang meetings or casual hangouts.
  • First Floor Details:
    • Engage in a game of strategy and skill with an 8-ball pool table, a unique feature of this hideout.
    • A designated bedroom for those who need a break from the chaos of Los Santos.
    • A specialized room crafted for storing drugs, medicines, and other precious items – vital for the operations of the Vagos.


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Vagos Hideout MLO Explore the Vagos Hideout MLO for FiveM: An Intricate Haven for GTA 5 Enthusiasts
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