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Enhance your FiveM server with the Sandy LS Custom MLO fivem! Immersive mechanic shops fivem, car showroom, & realistic features for top-tier.

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Elevate your FiveM roleplay experience with the Sandy LS Custom MLO. Transform a typical garage into a bustling Los Santos customization hub, offering immersive mechanics features and a stylish car showroom.

Key Features of Sandy LS Custom MLO FiveM

  • Modern, detailed exterior design
  • Spacious interior with multiple work bays
  • Customer waiting lounge and staff offices
  • Attached car showroom for vehicle display
  • Entertainment area for relaxed roleplay

Why Choose our Mechanic Shops FiveM MLO

This Sandy LS Custom MLO delivers an authentic and visually impressive environment for all your FiveM mechanic roleplay needs. Detailed features combined with the car showroom make your server stand out in the busy FiveM community. Offer enhanced realism, promote player interaction, and expand business roleplay opportunities.

  • Realistic toolkits and equipment
  • Functional garage doors
  • Immersive customization options


Upgrade your players’ vehicle customization experience with the Sandy LS Customs MLO FiveM. Its dynamic, player-friendly design brings Los Santos to life. Get yours today and create a roleplay hub your players will love!

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Mechanic Shops FiveM

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Sandy LS Custom MLO FiveM Sandy LS Custom MLO FiveM | Mechanic Shops FiveM
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