Sandy FiveM Gas Station

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Elevate your RP with Sandy FiveM Gas Station: Featuring functioning pumps, a stocked store, and more for a realistic FiveM experience.

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Dive into the immersive world of roleplay with Sandy FiveM Gas Station, a meticulously designed MLO that brings unparalleled realism to your FiveM server. This gas station is not just a place to refuel your vehicle; it’s a fully interactive environment that enhances the RP experience with detailed features and functionalities.

Key Features of Sandy FiveM Gas Station

Gas Station Essentials:

  • Four Functioning Gas Pumps: Refuel and maintain vehicles with ease, adding a layer of realism to car-related RP scenarios.
  • Vending Machines & Working Telephone: With two stocked vending machines and a working telephone, players can enjoy quick snacks and make important calls, adding depth to their interactions.

Storage and Office Rooms:

  • Well-Stocked Storage Room: Ensures the store never runs out of essential supplies, from beer to snacks.
  • Fully Equipped Office Room: Features a work computer, telephone, private locker, and files closet, enabling detailed management RP scenarios.

Why Choose Sandy FiveM Gas Station for Your Server?

Sandy FiveM Gas Station is more than just a location; it’s a comprehensive RP solution that brings life to your FiveM server. With features designed to enhance player interaction, from functioning gas pumps to a fully equipped store and office room, this MLO creates numerous opportunities for roleplay. Whether it’s a routine refuel, a quick snack, or managing store operations, players can dive into realistic scenarios that enrich the gaming experience.

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Sandy FiveM Gas Station

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Sandy FiveM Gas StationSandy FiveM Gas Station
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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