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Step into Queensbury Boxing Club MLO, the ultimate Boxing MLO FiveM. Train, fight, and thrive in our dynamic boxing Los Santos Championship.

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Welcome to the Queensbury Boxing Club MLO, a premier Boxing MLO FiveM Los Santos City, meticulously designed for boxing enthusiasts and fitness devotees. This space stands as a beacon of realism and interactivity, a jewel in the crown of FiveM boxing and fitness modules.

Queensbury Boxing Club MLO Key Features:

  • Professional Career: Our centerpiece is the professionally designed boxing ring, a true-to-life simulation that brings the excitement of boxing matches and training sessions to your virtual world. Perfect for both competitive and training scenarios, this feature of the Boxing Ring FiveM MLO provides an authentic boxing experience.
  • Gym Amenities: Catering to all fitness needs, our gym is equipped with a wide array of equipment. From strength training to cardio, our facilities support a full spectrum of workout routines.
  • Rima’s Exclusive Office Room: Adding a layer of narrative depth, Rima’s office room presents unique roleplay opportunities. This distinct space within the Queensbury Boxing Club MLO offers an added dimension for engaging and creative role-playing scenarios.

The Queensbury Boxing Club MLO & FiveM Gym MLO is more than just a virtual space; it’s a comprehensive, immersive experience that brings the essence of boxing and fitness to your server. With its realistic design, interactive elements, and seamless integration, it promises to elevate your roleplay to new heights. Make every fitness session and boxing match an unforgettable journey in your virtual world.

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Boxing MLO FiveM

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Queensbury Boxing Club MLOQueensbury Boxing Club MLO | Boxing MLO FiveM
Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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