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Customizable QBCore NPC script for enhanced interactions. QBCore TalkToNPC adds dynamic NPC actions, dialog, and appearance options. 

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Enhance your server with the customizable QBCore NPC script, allowing players to interact with NPCs seamlessly. Tailor each NPC’s actions, dialog, and appearance to fit your gameplay needs.

Key Features of QBCore NPC

  • Automatically positioned and rotated camera for optimal NPC interaction
  • Add up to 6 options/actions (execute events) per NPC
  • Customize name, dialog message, and model for each NPC
  • Restrict NPC interaction based on player jobs

Benefits of QBCore TalkToNPC

With the QBCore TalkToNPC script, you can enrich player interactions and make your server more immersive. Easily manage and modify NPCs to provide unique experiences.

Why Choose Our QBCore TalkToNPC Script

  • Effortless integration with QBCore framework
  • User-friendly configuration for easy customization
  • Enhances roleplay by providing dynamic NPC interactions
  • Ensures smooth and engaging gameplay for players


Our QBCore NPC | QBCore TalkToNPC script offers extensive customization options, making it an essential addition to any QBCore server. Elevate your roleplay experience with this versatile and powerful NPC script.

5 reviews for QBCore NPC | QBCore TalkToNPC

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    Tailored solutions for diverse needs.

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    Quality and innovation at its best.

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    Superior mods, unbeatable prices.

  4. Ayden (verified owner)

    Highly responsive and helpful support team.

  5. David (verified owner)

    Bringing the best in gaming tech.

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Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $10.00.
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