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An advanced qbcore job garage script with extra Features and configs, this is qb shared job garage script so any player on job can access cars

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An advanced qbcore job garage script with extra Features and configs, this is qb shared job garage script so any player on job can access cars.

Revolutionize Your Server with QBCore Shared Job Garage
Elevate the vehicle management experience on your FiveM server with our advanced QBCore Shared Job Garage script. This script, optimized for the QBCore Framework, provides a wide range of features that enhance the way vehicles are used and maintained in your server’s various jobs, including police and EMS.

Improved Vehicle Conditions
Our script significantly enhances the way vehicle conditions are saved, ensuring better preservation of windshields, doors, and wheel damages. This improvement provides a more realistic and engaging experience for your server’s users.

QBCore Shared Job Garage
Benefit from a shared vehicle garage, a feature that enables any player on a job to access vehicles. Whether it’s the qbcore police garage, qbcore ems garage, or any other job garage, our script ensures a seamless and efficient vehicle sharing system.

Vehicle Customization and Custom Plates
One of the standout features of our QBCore job garage script is the customization options it offers. You can choose to allow or disallow vehicle customization, giving you greater control over how vehicles are used on your server. In addition, our script supports custom plates for saved vehicles, adding another layer of personalization and realism.

Categorized Vehicles
Organize your vehicles better with our category feature. By classifying vehicles into different categories, you can streamline the way players find and select vehicles, enhancing the overall user experience.

Experience the qb Job Garage Script Difference
Vehicle management is a key component of any role-playing game, and with our QBCore Shared Job Garage script, you can provide your FiveM server users with a top-notch vehicle management experience. Join the many server owners who’ve seen the difference our job garage script can make. Try QBCore Shared Job Garage today.


  • Better save condition of most windshields, doors and wheel damages
  • Shared vehicle garage
  • Allow or disallow vehicle customization
  • Custom plates for saved vehicles
  • Category of vehicles

5 reviews for QBCore Job garage | qb sharedgarage

  1. Aadarsh (verified owner)

    A testament to gaming excellence.

  2. Robert (verified owner)

    Essential resource for FiveM upgrades.

  3. August (verified owner)

    Exceptional performance enhancements.

  4. Abel (verified owner)

    Makes gaming more immersive and fun.

  5. August (verified owner)

    Impressive custom solutions for servers.

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