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QBCore Mining with Gold, Stone Mines, Customisable points, Nice Animations work with third eye and selling points for sell stuff.

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Discover the ultimate QBCore Mining script for FiveM. Featuring gold and stone mines, customizable points, and immersive animations, it integrates seamlessly with third-eye functionality and selling points for various materials.

Key Features of FiveM Custom QBCore Mining Script

  • Gold Panning: Search specified streams for gold, silver, or trash.
  • Mining: Extract stones to wash or crack for valuable materials.
  • Stone Washing: Find rare gems and gold.
  • Stone Cracking: Obtain ores for crafting materials.

Why Choose Our FiveM Custom QBCore Mining Script

Experience versatile mining. Customize locations for mining, stone cracking, and gold panning. Enjoy immersive animations and dynamic NPC interactions, enhancing your FiveM server.

  • Add mining locations to the config.
  • Use drilling animations for realism.
  • NPCs spawn at mineshafts and quarries.
  • Crafting recipes in config.lua.
  • Jewel Cutting bench for more item variety.

Mining script offers a rich, customizable mining experience with gold panning, stone washing, and crafting features. Enhance your FiveM server with detailed animations, configurable points, and NPC interactions.

5 reviews for QBCore Mining | FiveM Custom QBCore mining script

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    User satisfaction is their top priority.

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    Simplifies complex server management.

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    The pinnacle of FiveM scripting.

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    Transforms your gaming with superior mods.

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QBCore MiningQBCore Mining | FiveM Custom QBCore mining script
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