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QBCore Fuel script for qbcore Works with eye target and advanced and optimized script

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Enhance your QBCore server with our advanced and optimized QBCore Fuel script. This script integrates seamlessly with eye target and provides realistic fuel management for players.

Key Features of QBCore Fuel Script

  • QB-Target Based Script
  • Can Refill at All Gas Stations
  • Refuel from Petrol Cans (Petrol Can Item Required on Person)
  • Siphon Fuel from Cars (Fuel Siphon Item Required on Person)
  • Chance for Car Blowing Up if Engine Left On While Refueling

Why Choose Our Fuel Script for QBCore

The QBCore Fuel script offers a realistic and immersive experience. This fuel script for qbcore ensures your players have dynamic refueling options, enhancing gameplay.

  • Integrates with eye target
  • Optimized for performance
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Enhances roleplay immersion

With the QBCore Fuel script, players can enjoy a new level of realism. The chance of car explosions adds excitement, and the multiple refueling options keep gameplay engaging.

5 reviews for QBCore Fuel | fuel script for qbcore

  1. Alistar (verified owner)

    Revolutionizing the FiveM experience.

  2. Carter (verified owner)

    Top choice for serious FiveM players.

  3. Bennett (verified owner)

    Committed to elevating your gameplay.

  4. Nolan (verified owner)

    Cutting-edge designs for gamers.

  5. Casey (verified owner)

    The ultimate FiveM resource center.

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QBCore FuelQBCore Fuel | fuel script for qbcore
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