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Enhance your FiveM server with the NoPixel Paleto Shop MLO. Strategic location, diverse items, immersive design with this nopixel maps.


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Bring new life to Paleto Bay! This NoPixel Paleto Shop MLO provides a central hub for players on your FiveM server. Its strategic location, welcoming design, and wide item selection attract customers and enhance role-playing opportunities.

Key Features of NoPixel Paleto Shop MLO

  • Strategic location near Paleto for easy access
  • Cozy, inviting exterior with fruit displays and glass doors
  • Well-stocked shelves with diverse items
  • Convenient ATM for quick cash
  • Exclusive backroom for staff & operations

Why Choose our NoPixel Paleto Shop MLO

Enhance your FiveM server’s realism and player interaction with this detailed MLO.  From its practical amenities to its organized back room, players will find a believable and immersive shopping experience within your Paleto Bay world.

  • Roleplay focused design
  • Streamlined checkout
  • Security cameras for added roleplay potential

Elevate your players’ Paleto Bay experience with this comprehensive NoPixel Shop MLO.  With its attention to detail and focus on immersive roleplay, this addition becomes a natural part of your FiveM world.

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NoPixel Paleto shop MLONoPixel Paleto shop MLO | Nopixel Maps
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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