Nail Salon Mlo FiveM

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Discover the ultimate Nail Salon MLO FiveM in South Los Santos, offering premium nails and lashes services. Elevate your game today!

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Introducing the latest addition to your FiveM server: the Nail Salon MLO FiveM located in the vibrant South Los Santos, near Strawberry Avenue. This meticulously designed Nail Salon MLO brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your virtual city, offering an immersive experience for players seeking beauty and relaxation services within the game.

Key Features:

  • Location: Situated in the bustling area of South Los Santos, close to Strawberry Avenue, this salon is easily accessible for all players.
  • Services Offered: Specializing in nails and lashes, the salon caters to a wide array of beauty needs.
  • Salon Interior:
    • A sophisticated Nail Bottle & Payment Register System at the counter for realistic transactions.
    • Comfortable Sofa Sets for waiting customers, enhancing the overall waiting experience.
    • Towels Stored in Cabinets, ensuring a clean and organized environment.
    • Visually appealing Nail Salon Menus Displayed on Tables, offering clients a variety of service options.
    • The salon’s identity is proudly presented through a prominent Salon Logo on the Wall, creating a strong brand presence within the game.

Why Choose Our Nail Salon MLO for Your FiveM Server?

  • Enhanced Player Experience: Adds a new layer of interaction for players, enriching the game’s environment.
  • Highly Detailed Design: From service menus to salon decor, every element is crafted for realism and immersion.
  • Strategic Location: The choice of location near Strawberry Avenue ensures high visibility and accessibility.

Incorporating the Nail Salon MLO into your FiveM server not only diversifies the gameplay but also attracts players who enjoy engaging in lifestyle and beauty activities within the game. It’s a perfect addition for server owners looking to enhance their virtual city’s appeal and provide more interactive opportunities for their community.

Incorporate Now!

Elevate your FiveM experience with this exquisite Nail Salon MLO. Positioned in a prime location, offering a range of services, and designed with attention to detail, it’s an investment that will enrich your virtual cityscape and engage your community in new and exciting ways.


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Nail Salon Mlo FiveM

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Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $5.00.
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