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Discover the LS Port Warehouse MLO: A versatile FiveM warehouse mlo setting perfect for immersive industrial and criminal activities.

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Introducing the Ls Port Warehouse MLO for FiveM, a meticulously designed warehouse complex that brings a new level of gritty realism and functionality to your FiveM Warehouse MLO . This expansive MLO is the perfect setting for industrial-themed roleplay or high-stakes criminal undertakings, offering a versatile blend of spaces for storage, living, work, and ship unloading activities. With the focus on enhancing the industrial and logistical aspects of FiveM gameplay, the Ls Port Warehouse MLO stands out as a prime choice for server admins looking to enrich their virtual world.

Key Features of Ls Port Warehouse MLO:

  • Diverse Storage Options: The warehouse boasts two main storage rooms filled with crates, drums, buckets, trolleys, and gas cylinders, providing ample space for goods or contraband. The presence of numerous security cameras adds a layer of surveillance and control, enhancing the realism and depth of gameplay.
  • Comfortable Living Space: Amidst the industrial setting, the warehouse offers a living space equipped with chairs for relaxation, a reverse osmosis water machine for clean drinking water, a vending machine and coffee machine for convenience, and small plants to breathe life into the space.
  • Strategic Ship Unloading Area: Featuring a gas tank and a docked ship, this area is ideal for import/export roleplay or smuggling scenarios, adding a thrilling element to your server’s storyline.


Elevate your FiveM server with the Ls Port Warehouse MLO, a comprehensive and immersive addition that promises to enhance your gaming experience with its detailed design and functional features FiveM Warehouse MLO . Whether it’s for industrial operations, criminal activities, or simply to add more depth to your server, this Ls Port Warehouse MLO is the perfect backdrop for a wide range of scenarios. Enhance your FiveM world today and bring your industrial and logistical roleplay to life with unparalleled realism and versatility.

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FiveM Warehouse MLO

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Ls Port Warehouse MLOLs Port Warehouse MLO | FiveM Warehouse MLO
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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