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Discover the ultimate FiveM experience with our Legion Square MLO FiveM & FiveM Garage MLO. Transform your server with dynamic.

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Dive into the heart of Los Santos with our Legion Square MLO FiveM, an expansive, meticulously designed underground parking solution that transforms the way players interact with the urban landscape. Engineered for immersion, this MLO introduces an unparalleled depth to roleplay in FiveM.

Key Features of Legion Square MLO FiveM

  • Expansive Underground Space: Multi-level parking accommodating a wide range of vehicles, from bikes to cars, with various parking arrangements.
  • Artistic Pillars: A mix of structural support and decorative beauty, featuring murals, embedded lighting, and water features.
  • Iconic Statue Centerpiece: An artistic or historical figure that becomes a landmark within Legion Square, adding to the server’s lore.
  • Varied Seating & Relaxation Areas: From benches to lounge areas, encouraging player interaction and relaxation.
  • Natural & Man-Made Harmony: Incorporating greenery and water elements to refresh the urban underground atmosphere.

Why Choose Our FiveM Garage MLO

Our FiveM Garage MLO not only serves as a functional space but also as a hub for community gatherings, events, and more. It’s an essential addition to any FiveM server looking to enhance its urban environment and provide players with a unique, engaging experience.

  • Dynamic Lighting: Industrial and accent lighting to set the perfect mood, highlight key areas, and enhance the overall ambiance.
  • Community-Focused Design: Encourages player gatherings with strategically placed seating and communal spaces.


The Legion Square MLO FiveM & FiveM Garage MLO sets a new standard for urban MLO design in FiveM. With its blend of functionality, artistic elements, and dynamic lighting, it offers an immersive, engaging environment for players to explore and enjoy. Enhance your server with this cutting-edge MLO today and see the difference it makes in player engagement and server uniqueness. 

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FiveM Garage MLO

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Legion Square MLO FiveMLegion Square MLO FiveM | FiveM Garage MLO
Original price was: $30.00.Current price is: $12.75.
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