Insurance FiveM

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Elevate your FiveM experience with our Insurance FiveM MLO. Featuring a realistic impound lot, equipped office space, and  enhanced gameplay.


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Discover the unmatched capabilities of our latest Insurance FiveM MLO designed for seamless integration into your FiveM gaming environment. Ideal for handling vehicle-related administrative tasks, our MLO combines functionality with an industrial aesthetic to enhance your role-playing scenarios.

Key Features of Insurance FiveM

  • Impound Lot: Securely store vehicles within the well-organized impound lot.
  • Garage Bays: Features two numbered garage bays for efficient vehicle management.
  • Office Space: Central office equipped for essential administrative operations.
  • Security: Robust fenced perimeter, ensuring high-level security despite some damages.
  • Industrial Design: White brick walls and metal garage doors underscore the industrial theme.

Why Choose our Insurance FiveM MLO?

Our Insurance FiveM MLO stands out for its practicality and detailed design, ensuring a realistic setting for managing vehicle impounds and administrative tasks within your FiveM server. Its strategic layout and security features make it indispensable for role-playing scenarios.

  • Detailed Interiors: Furnished office with desks, chairs, and essential office equipment.
  • Realistic Design: Every aspect designed to enhance gameplay realism and functionality.

In conclusion, the Insurance FiveM MLO is an essential addition for any FiveM server looking to enhance its role-playing capabilities with a realistic, well-equipped office and vehicle storage facility. Its detailed and functional design is ideal for both practical use and immersive gameplay, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and serious gamers alike.

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Insurance FiveM

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Insurance FiveMInsurance FiveM
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $12.00.
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