Hotbox Davis MLO | FiveM Drug Locations Map

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Hotbox Davis MLO in FiveM Drug Locations Map A detailed drug store with multiple transaction locations, secret rooms, and an indoor weed farm.

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Dive into the illicit world of Hotbox Davis MLO, a meticulously designed FiveM Drug Locations Map that offers an incredibly realistic and immersive drug dealing experience. This MLO features a highly detailed interior that expertly recreates the atmosphere of a clandestine drug store, complete with shelves stocked with various drugs and paraphernalia, a functional cash register, and a covert back room.

Hotbox Davis MLO Key Features:

  • Detailed and Immersive Interior: Recreates the atmosphere of a real drug store.
  • Multiple Drug Locations: Dispensary counter, back room, and hidden stash for diverse transaction options.
  • Secret Room: Adds an element of mystery and intrigue.
  • Indoor Weed Farm: With packaging and measuring table for a complete drug farming.

Hotbox Davis MLO stands out for its multiple drug transaction locations, including a dispensary counter, a secretive back room, and a cleverly concealed stash spot. These varied locations provide an ideal setting for players to engage in drug dealing or purchasing activities, adding depth and realism to the roleplaying experience in FiveM Drug Locations Map.

A unique feature of Hotbox Davis MLO is the secret room, which adds an element of mystery and intrigue. Additionally, FiveM Drug Locations Map includes an indoor weed farm, equipped with a packaging and measuring table, enabling players to participate in the entire process of weed farming and distribution.

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FiveM Drug Locations Map

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Hotbox Davis MLOHotbox Davis MLO | FiveM Drug Locations Map
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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