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Explore the Hidden Mechanic MLO in FiveM – a secret, near Legion Square & Perfect for covert operations in FiveM Warehouse MLO.

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Discover the Hidden Mechanic MLO, a unique addition to the FiveM gaming universe. Tucked away near the bustling Legion Square, this underground mechanic shop offers an exclusive experience for FiveM players. Immerse yourself in a clandestine world where cars are not just repaired but transformed.


– Strategic Location: Situated near Legion Square, the mechanic hideout serves as a central hub for players.

– Underground Facility: Experience the thrill of operating in a hidden workshop, away from prying eyes.

– Cinematic Experience: A unique feature that allows players to capture cinematic pictures of their cars, enhancing their gaming experience.

– Immersive Interior: The garage boasts a detailed and realistic interior, complete with a large gun hanging wall, adding depth to your gameplay.

– Versatile Utility: Ideal for covert operations or as a regular mechanic shop, catering to various roleplay scenarios.

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FiveM Warehouse MLO

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Hidden Mechanic MLOHidden Mechanic MLO | FiveM Warehouse MLO
Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $5.00.
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