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Explore Halloween City MLO in FiveM Halloween Haunted vault, Flying Jack-o-Lanterns, cursed fountain, interactive graveyard, pumpkin patch.

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Step into the eerie world of Halloween City MLO, a fantastical and haunted space crafted for the ultimate FiveM Halloween experience. At the heart of the city lies the Haunted Legion Square vault, now transformed into a chilling attraction filled with spooky visuals, enigmatic puzzles, and a hidden boss encounter.

As you wander through the square, be enchanted by Flying Jack-o-Lanterns, hovering around with the aid of hidden wires or particle effects, adding a touch of Halloween magic to the FiveM Halloween map.

The cursed fountain in the town center is an eerie spectacle, spewing green water and causing strange transformations to those daring enough to drink from it. This element brings a novel twist to the Halloween City MLO, making it more than just a visual treat.

Halloween City MLO Key Features:

  • Haunted Legion Square Vault: Transformed into a haunted attraction with spooky visuals and puzzles.
  • Flying Jack-o-Lanterns: Float around the square, adding a magical touch to the Halloween theme.
  • Cursed Fountain: Spews green water and causes transformations, adding a unique twist.
  • Interactive Graveyard: Tombstones reveal hidden messages and activate spooky animations.
  • Pumpkin Patch: Allows players to pick and carve pumpkins on the spot.

Explore the Interactive graveyard, where each tombstone tells a story. Players can uncover hidden messages, activate spooky animations, or even summon ghostly apparitions, adding an engaging layer to the FiveM Halloween event.

On the outskirts of the square, find a whimsical pumpkin patch. Here, players can pick and carve their own pumpkins, immersing themselves in a quintessential Halloween activity within the FiveM Halloween City MLO.

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Halloween City MLOHalloween City MLO | FiveM Halloween
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $9.00.
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