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Join the Ballas at Grove Street Gang MLO A FiveM Gang haven with a sitting hall, basketball court, gang office, accommodation rooms, and a discussion room.

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Discover the Grove Street Gang MLO, a central hub in the FiveM Gang community. This FiveM Grove Street gang house is not just a building; it’s a symbol of unity and strength for the Ballas gang. The house features a welcoming sitting hall and a basketball court outside, perfect for leisure and gatherings.

Inside, the gang office on the first floor is the nerve center of operations, equipped for planning and strategizing. This space is a crucial element of the FiveM Gang MLO, embodying the gang’s power and influence.

Grove Street Gang MLO Key Features

  • Sitting Hall & Basketball Court: Welcoming spaces for leisure and gatherings.
  • Gang Office: Nerve center for operations and planning on the first floor.
  • Accommodation Rooms: Multiple rooms on the second floor for a safe and secure living space for gang members.
  • Gang Discussion Room: Dedicated space for crucial decisions and discussions.
  • Ballas Gang Hideout: A fortress and home for the Ballas gang, symbolizing unity and strength

The second floor of the Grove Street Gang MLO houses multiple rooms for accommodation, providing a safe and secure living space for gang members. These rooms are more than just sleeping quarters; they represent the solidarity and brotherhood within the FiveM Gang community.

A dedicated gang discussion room serves as the meeting point for crucial decisions and discussions, reinforcing the unity of the Ballas gang in this FiveM Gang House MLO.

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Grove Street Gang MLOGrove Street Gang MLO | FiveM Gang
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $8.00.
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