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Upgrade your FiveM server with the FiveM XERO Gas Station Store – refueling, convenience store, ATM in this FiveM Store MLO

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Elevate your FiveM roleplaying experience with the XERO Gas Station Store! This immersive FiveM Store MLO brings a realistic gas station setting complete with refueling pumps, a stocked convenience store, an ATM, and even a management office.

Key Features of FiveM XERO Gas Station Store

  • 9 Refuelable Pumps: Accommodate a steady flow of vehicles with dynamic in-game fuel pricing.
  • Fully Stocked Convenience Store: Grab snacks, drinks, and essential items on the go.
  • Accessible ATM: Make quick withdrawals to keep your in-game wallet topped up.
  • Dedicated Office Room: Manage your gas station operations with ease and efficiency.

Why Choose our FiveM XERO Gas Station Store

This FiveM Store MLO adds a vital layer of realism and interactivity to your FiveM server. Players can refuel, stock up on supplies, and even roleplay as gas station owners or employees. The XERO Gas Station Store enhances the roleplaying possibilities within your FiveM world.

  • Detailed Interior and Exterior: Meticulously crafted for an authentic experience.
  • Optimized for Smooth Performance: Ensures seamless integration without hindering gameplay.


The FiveM XERO Gas Station Store is a must-have for servers seeking realistic roleplaying scenarios.  Enhance the depth and FiveM Store MLO world with this immersive and functional addition.

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FiveM Gas Station

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FiveM XERO Gas Station StoreFiveM XERO Gas Station Store | FiveM Store MLO
Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $7.00.
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