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Explore the ultimate FiveM Tuning MLO and Mechanic Shops FiveM for an immersive garage experience with top-notch facilities realistic details. 

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Dive into the heart of automotive repair and customization with our FiveM Tuning MLO & Mechanic Shops FiveM, where functionality meets high-quality design. This meticulously crafted MLO sets the stage for an unparalleled mechanic shop experience, offering players a richly detailed environment that’s both realistic and engaging. With a focus on precision and authenticity, every aspect of the mechanic shop has been designed to enhance gameplay and bring your virtual automotive endeavors to life.

Key Features of FiveM Tuning MLO

  • Service Bays: Multiple dedicated areas for comprehensive vehicle service and maintenance.
  • Red Car Lifts: Elevate vehicles for easy access to undersides, making repairs and modifications a breeze.
  • Tool Chests and Workbenches: Fully equipped with all necessary tools for intricate mechanical work.
  • Storage Solutions: Spacious gray storage cabinets for organized part and equipment management.
  • Designated Floor Markings: Clearly marked areas for safe and efficient workspace navigation.
  • Bright Lighting: High-intensity ceiling lights for optimal visibility during detailed tasks.

Why Choose Our Mechanic Shops FiveM

Our FiveM Tuning MLO and Mechanic Shops FiveM blend high functionality with immersive gameplay elements. This MLO is not just a space but a cornerstone for creating dynamic in-game experiences. With features like red car lifts and an array of mechanical tools, it’s designed for enthusiasts who demand realism and detail in their FiveM mods.

  • Personalized Decor: Adds character with graffiti artwork and themed posters.
  • Time Tracking: A functional wall clock to enhance the simulation’s realism.
  • Garage Accessibility: Large doors facilitate easy vehicle movement.
  • Realistic Equipment: Essential items like tire inflators and jacks for an authentic mechanic shop feel.


The FiveM Tuning MLO & Mechanic Shops FiveM is your gateway to an immersive and realistic mechanic shop experience in the world of FiveM. Designed with attention to detail and a deep understanding of what gamers seek, this MLO offers everything from high-quality service bays to decorative elements that bring the space to life. Elevate your FiveM experience with this unrivaled mechanic shop MLO, where every feature is crafted for realism, functionality, and player engagement.

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Mechanic Shops FiveM

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FiveM Tuning MLOFiveM Tuning MLO | Mechanic Shops FiveM
Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $10.99.
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